Idaho Apology

That potato's still there
shriveling to nothing
on the top shelf of my fridge.
A friend brought it
over the summer
after I'd been temporarily blinded
by an unexpected welding flash at work.
It only lasts a few hours, but the
feeling of having sand in ones eyes
is unpleasant.
There's a chemical in spuds
that helps ease the discomfort
so when she asked what else
she could bring
aside from her matching underwear
I mentioned a trip to the produce aisle.

She arrived with two varieties
in case one worked better
sliced two slivers off
and placed them on my eyelids
like coins for the ferryman.
Although I couldn't see
we made the most of a lousy night.
There've been times I've wanted hash browns
or a baked to go with steak
but that window is long gone now.

It's only there to remind me
that somehow
some of them
care for this mess
whether or not he deserves it.
And the truth is
more often than not
I can't see the obvious
regardless of work-related injuries.

Maybe she wanted more.


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