Noble Slings and Arrows

I used to play guitar;
sold most of mine to strangers.
Now I lend lines to the faceless.
It seems a better fit and pays about the same.

My favorite chord has mostly been A Minor (Am).
I've written songs around it. 
People left the room.
I plucked its notes in solitude.
People left my life.
It came to be my friend.
It came to be my life, for awhile.

Some would compare it to E Minor.
They'd be wrong again.
A Minor requires more digits.
A Minor necessitates more work.
Isn't that more admirable?
Besides, even lifted fingers find it just fine.

A Minor only uses five guitar strings.
It says more with less.
Isn't that the aim?
That's another one you don't answer.
I loan the lines--remember?

Maybe you play already.
Maybe you'll learn someday.
The next time that you strum that chord let it be for me.

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