Chalked and Choked

You admit to yourself
that three eggs don't cut it.
Volume gets lost in the scramble.
Some gets stuck to the pan.
By the time you scrape them
onto your plate
there isn't as much as you'd aimed for.

It dawns on you
that there are people
who earn their livings
by figuring loss percentages.
"If...Then..." Mathematics becomes a reality
as you take the first bite
and wonder why you spend more
on "natural" maple syrup.
Some of those statisticians
make the same calculations for human lives
to help determine the worthiness
of political decisions, military operations
whether or not to parachute food down
to starving children in Africa
or let warlords and starvation
duke it out through natural selection.
There are classified reports in filing cabinets
playing God with fates
comparing faceless people
to a mess left in a skillet
as you sit and sip espresso
chew your waffles, chop your eggs.

It's Sunday morning, 10:00 am
Valentine's Day
and you've got nowhere to be
until 5:00.
Making your own critical assessment
you decide to add booze to your coffee.

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