The Only Time I'll Type a Poem About Politics (Though I'm Not Hard Up for Material Yet)

Whatever the outcome
whichever evil prevails
whoever shames our nation greater
when moving into the White House--

We, as a country divided by media moguls
will get what we deserve
(in real-time, streaming live).


Anonymous said...

You are spot on with this one Dave. We have brought this upon ourselves; the depth of our depravity and dysfunction are what we have reaped as a result. These two candidates are like no, and no way. That being said we must choose the lesser of two evils and in my opinion that will be Trump. That woman is wicked, a liar and a cheat...the Clinton dynasty must not be allowed to continue in the White House. As a parent, to hear her actually say the words she did about the fallen soldiers turned my stomach..."so 4 Americans died, get over it!" I hope she burns in hell for all eternity. Nice work, concise and insightful. keep writing...

dave said...

thanks, mom!

Anonymous said...
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