Marketing for Dummies

There was a time
when cultures would burn
something beautiful
to keep themselves humble
and make room for growth.
Now senseless chaos
justifies destruction
if it gets a lone gunman
his seconds of fame
and helps politicians
rally for votes.
We've strayed so far
from morality
in pursuit of tainted ideals
that our dogs wear clothes
while the homeless are cold.
We've seen and reviewed the movie.
Fuck the book and its author.

Perhaps postmodern women
who've suppressed their need to procreate
are the unsung, honor-bound heroines of our era.
Figures lie and liars figure.
Heretofore infertile
the damned now seem our saviors.

End the madness
or let it ride.
The sun will come for all of us
if the rising tide falls short.

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