Hepburn Again

The underbite worsens
molars grind against
ones opposite
which don't normally correspond.
Eyes cross
at the ceiling
but no one's there
who'll notice.
He tries to hold back
by thinking of
the forest across
from his mother's house
that they recently leveled
to build a nursing home:
The old steamrolling youth again.
He used to build forts there
with pals growing up.
Maybe those wooden huts
were still there when the dozers marched.
Hopefully all of the wounded escaped.

She almost looks like
the friend he's wanted
for years, but never
had the stones to tell.
"You almost look like..."
"Shhhh," she smushes
his mouth closed
with fingers reeking
of Newports.
"Just finish."
So he does
for the sake
of another untold love
who'd never take the gamble
and risk becoming
a poem.

The miles don't come between us
as much as the words.

Currently reading:
"Palm Sunday" by Kurt Vonnegut.

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